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What does an eye scanner do?

iVue goes beyond the the retinal surface.


It lets us view the layers of the retina not normally visible by the eye or retinal camera images.


iVue gives us moveable 3D images of your optic nerve and allows us to scan several crucial structures within the eye.


We can even measure the thickness of important retinal layers.


By comparing them to the norm for your age and race we can more accurately detect glaucoma and other ocular diseases.

iVue (Eye Scanning)

Robinson & Lamb Opticians are proud to announce the arrival of their eye scanning technology. iVue looks behind the retina and beyond the view available with a retinal camera.

Why would iVue be suitable for me?

We recommend eye-scanning to everyone concerned about the health of their eyes, but particularly those who may be more at risk of eye problems like:

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Macular Holes
  • Glaucoma
  • Family History Glaucoma
  • Vitreous Detachments
  • Retinal Detachments
  • Diabetes

What are the benefits to me?

The retina can be damaged by many diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetes. This scan allows problems to be picked up at a much earlier stage, allowing better treatment, management and better long term vision.

When can I have the eye scan done?

Anytime by appointment. You do not even need a referral from your Doctor. The scans are completely non invasive, painless and safe. We need about half an hour for our trained Optometrists to carry out the scans and analyze the results with you.

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